About me

Laurent 'MrPingouin' CHEA
contact [at] laurentchea [dot] com
Address : Toulouse, France

Technical Artist - [Resume]

In a few words

Technical Artist since 2008.
Specialties: Pipeline tool development
Excellent knowledge of the whole VFX and animation pipeline process.

Programming languages


Current position

TAT Productions : Technical Artist
Since 2013 : Les As de la Jungle (The Jungle Bunch)

Past works

Indigenes Productions : Technical Artist

2012 : Au nom d'Athènes (2x52' documentary for Arte)
2011 : Métronome (4x52' documentary for France 5)
2010 : Le destin de rome (2x52' Docu-fiction Arte)
2009 : Terra Botanica (4' Theme Park in Angers)
2008 : Québec 1759 (52' documentary)

+ 3D Animation : keyframe (characters, animals, vehicles)
+ Mocap Record and Edit
+ Rigging/Skinning
+ Pipeline Develoment : network rendering, crowd management, quick tools for scene assembling artists
+ Compositing

And also...