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你好! Cantonese input on Linux

Writing chinese with the jyutping system (cantonese pinyin) on Linux (Mint 21.2 at the time of writing) was not as straight forward as I thought.

If you want to be able to write canto anywhere in the system (I mean, outside the very efficient Chromium + Google Inputs tools), here’s a TL;DR;

  • Use Ibus input system instead of Fcitx
  • The default jyutping database returns strange answers, proposing very rare characters first instead of usual ones : download an updated database source, compile it and replace system’s default file


Some webradio IT

A friend of mine is working as a journalist on a french radio, La Clé des Ondes, which is broadcasted as well on FM (Bordeaux area) and as a webradio.

I’m currently helping him to evaluate a migration from the current Windows proprietary streaming setup to free software solutions.

This post is more like a friendly reminder post-it for me, last time I’ve done such IT was on Debian 9, I didn’t even know that ifconfig disappeared :]

The idea is to find a free software solution that fits his needs, in other words, that allows him to perform at least as well as his current setup. There are a lot of existing solutions, but fortunately he already limited the search range on two linux clients : Rivendell and Libretime

The roadmap is the following :

  • Reinstall an old unused rig with a fresh stable Debian
  • Use KVM to spawn 3 virtual machines :
    • One icecast2 server (for broadcasting)
    • Solution A, connected to the icecast server, on stream 1
    • Solution B, also connected to the icecast server, on stream 2