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Happy new year ! I’ve started cantosearch, a little terminal toolkit which helps me querying different cantonese resource websites.

For now, it allows me to query the great dictionary like this :

mrpingouin@localhost:~$ python3 -j "faai lok"
Found 11 jyutping entries
新年快樂	san1nin4faai3lok6	Happy New Year
聖誕快樂	sing3daan3faai3lok6	Merry Christmas
快樂	faai3lok6	happy; joyous
生日快樂	saang1jat6faai3lok6	Happy Birthday!
天天快樂	tin1tin1faai3lok6	happy everyday
快樂主義	faai3lok6zyu2ji6	hedonism
不快樂	bat1faai3lok6	國unhappy
情人節快樂	cing4jan4zit3faai3lok6	Happy Valentine's Day
快樂幸福	faai3lok6hang6fuk1	cheerful, happy
元宵節快樂	jyun4siu1zit3faai3lok6	Happy Lantern Festival!
快速以太網絡	faai3cuk1ji5taai3mong5lok3	Fast Ethernet

# Using an alias makes it even more effective
alias cs="python3"

It should be sufficient for a while, although I might add support for other resources like, or

Wise Garden is on Steam

Finally ! After working on it for almost two years and a half on our spare time with the great Thibault Barbaroux and the unstoppable Kévin Loustau, our very first project Wise Garden released under the Double Machine flag !

Many thanks to all the people who helped us, and most of all, all hail the magnificent Godot Engine.

Pro-tip : starting a first project with a puzzle game with complex mechanics is not a good idea 😑

Wise Garden Gif

Mxs Linter

Mxs Linter example

I started writing an Antlr4-based linter for 3dsmax’s maxscript language.

Project and details can be found on my gitlab page.