LinVST : a Linux VST converter

Adam Monroe’s upright bass

I was recently working the walking bass on the jazz standard “I’m beginning to see the light”, recorded as MIDI within Ardour, a free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software.

I started using the default midi instrument rendition of Ardour, set on “jazz guitar” : it works, but the rendition is poor. I then started looking for a good VST for a contrabass rendition. We must face the facts : all the good rendition plugins are built for Windows or Mac !

And then I found this gem…

After some research, I fell on a project that perfectly answers the problematic, and with a straight forward simplicity : linvst is a tool that takes windows dll as input, and produces .so files for linux ! You just click and voilĂ  !

Linvst screenshot

This solution is perfect for me, I was initially struggling with the combo Jackd/Carla/Wine, but it was waaay too overkill and complicated for my needs (yes, it’s obviously a devious way of saying “I didn’t manage to make it work”).

Actually, I don’t know if it does a flawless conversion on all plugins, at least it did it perfectly on the VST I purchased : Adam Monroe’s Upright Bass, the vst is $15 only and does one hell of a job for such a small price.