Installing Manjaro on an Asus Zenbook Duo

Manjaro 20.0.3 (gnome3 version) Asus Zenbook Duo UX481F First impressions Huge surprise when booting the USB live version of manjaro : the second screen is immediatly recognized with its touchscreen capability, as are wifi and bluetooth. During the 10 minutes I wasted doing the windows init (which I haven’t even finished), the system fans were active and annoyingly audible (I don’t know if they were at max speed though).

Wayne's Thang

Wayne’s Thang is a theme written by the saxophonist Kenny Garrett. It makes part of the album Triology, edited in 1995.

Here’s one cover in sextet I like, recorded in the Jazz Channel LA studio in 2016.


Bye Bye Blackbird

This is one of my favorite rendition of Bye Bye Blackbird.

With Chet Baker indeed, but especially with Rene Urtreger at the piano for me.

And for heaven sake, watching them in b&w smoking and driking, it makes my day (well, if you put aside the fact that some of them were alcoholic or drug addicts though 😀).


Weird signs 1

The CN Tower, Toronto, Canada. Picture is taken from from the observatory, roughly 350 meters above the ground.


It's been a while...

We’re currently in a global worldwide lockdown on Earth due to Covid pandemy, so what better time to start a new journal? This one will deal with the several topics that propulse my life: coding, software, jazz music, photography and cooking maybe.